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service with the orthodontic specialist and continuous R&D in the dental industry, and dedicate our
efforts to the human dental health and happiness with exclusive manufacturing technology

Clear Brackets - Perfect De-Bonding

SKU: HW-PerfectClearII
  • Introduction of Product

    • Perfect Clear II - Sapphire Bracket


    Fully Titanium Coated Body

    • Slot gets excellent sliding as same as metal bracket

    Low Profile Design

    • Rounded edge for comfortable feeling

    Excellent Sliding

    • Excellent Performance like metal brackets.
    • Sliding effect as same as metal brackets by treating the slot with diamond polishing

    Easier Bonding / Debonding

    • Easy bonding / de-bonding by strengthening the node resistance by special heat-treatment

    Half Base Coating

    • Makes de-bonding easier and bonding better
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