The Indusbello, national business area of dental products and medical located in Londrina, with 20 years of experience in the market recently acquired the CE seal for more products from your line. The abbreviation of the French term "Conformité Européenne" indicates that the manufacturer is consistent with all applicable legal requirements of the European Union and European regulations. The European Union establishes minimum requirements for products manufactured industrially to ensure the necessary level of protection in safety, health and environment and CE marking declares that the product has been assessed before being placed on the market that complies with all the requirements laid down by the directives and was assessed by an assessment body notified accordingly. The European Commission describes the CE marking as the "Passport to Europe" and is mandatory for medical devices, toys, electrical equipment, among others.

Vertical Lip Retractor

  • Made from a very flexible material, it's used to separate the lips  and highlight the teeth. It fits perfectly to the patient's mouth and it's very safe to use.


    • Flexible material that offers maximum comfort

    • Perfect stability in patient’s mouth

    • Round edges

    Made in Brazil