DB Orthodontics have a complete and extensive range of orthodontic products. We are well known as manufacturers of Ixion Instruments; a range of high quality orthodontic instruments, designed with comfort and style in mind. We are also manufacturers of the Infinitas Mini-Implant system, a ground-breaking new system that introduces a simple approach to the use of mini-implants, now exporting throughout Europe and, with FDA and CMDCAS clearance, into the USA and Canada. Our best-selling Evolve system incorporates low profile brackets, fully funnelled bondable tubes, and high retention contoured molar bands.  For the full product listing please see our complete catalogue.

Intra Oral Latex-Free Elastics - Wonders of the Wo

  • • High quality latex free elastomeric materials.

    • Delivers constant and accurate force.

    • Perfect uniformity and consistent sizing.

    • Easy to use identifcation.

    • Crystal clear appearance.

    • Packaged 50 patient packs of 100 elastics per pack. (5000 elastics in total)