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DB Orthodontics have a complete and extensive range of orthodontic products. We are well known as manufacturers of Ixion Instruments; a range of high quality orthodontic instruments, designed with comfort and style in mind. We are also manufacturers of the Infinitas Mini-Implant system, a ground-breaking new system that introduces a simple approach to the use of mini-implants, now exporting throughout Europe and, with FDA and CMDCAS clearance, into the USA and Canada. Our best-selling Evolve system incorporates low profile brackets, fully funnelled bondable tubes, and high retention contoured molar bands.  For the full product listing please see our complete catalogue.

Bondable 2nd Molar Mini Tube

  • Bondable 2nd Molar Mini Tube

    The small design of the mini 2nd molar tubes allows for earlier bonding of partially erupted second molars .Easy to bond by the clinician with less soft tissue trauma to the patient .

    • A full funneled opening for eas insertion of wires
    • Comfort hook design  provides maximum patient comfort.
    • Designed to ft easily and precisely on the mesial buccal cusp of 2nd molars.
    • The occlusally placed compound contour pad allows more surface area for additional bond strength. 


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