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Create Orthodontic Alginate-01.jpg
Create Orthodontic Alginate

Create Orthodontic Alginate has been specifcally formulated for orthodontic use. Create has an extra fast setting time, high elasticity and is tear resistant. Create Orthodontic Alginate is an attractive fuchsia coloured powder with a red fruit favour. Create is also dust free: The powder is treated in such a way that no dust is generated during dosing and mixing. This facilitates the mixing process through easy absorption of the water by the powder, ofering the orthodontist convenient and hygienic handling. Create Orthodontic Alginate is sold in packs of 500g



Alginate Container

Pink DB04-0277

Blue DB04-0276

Alginate Container-01.jpg
Tropical Mixing Bowls-01-01.jpg
Tropical Mixing Bowls

Beautiful transparent colours. Highly fexible to ensure smooth mixing.

LockTight Impression Trays

LockTight disposable plastic impression trays provide superior retention of alginate without the need for tray adhesive. Each tray is anatomically shaped to ensure an accurate ft. LockTight Trays are colour and number coded for easy identifcation. Sold in a pack of 50.

LockTight Impression Trays-01.jpg
Ultralock Impression Trays-01.jpg
Ultralock Impression Trays

Ultralock disposable plastic impression trays are anatomically shaped to ensure an accurate ft and to provide maximum retention. Edges are rounded for patient comfort. Ultralock trays are colour coded for easy identifcation. Sold as each.

Metal Impression Trays

Perforated stainless steel impressions trays with rounded retention rims. Fully autoclavable. Sold as each.

Metal Impression Trays-01.jpg
Model Boxes-01.jpg
Model Boxes

Model boxes available in various sizes.


Can be used with either wax or silicone bite registration materials. Sold in packs of 25.



Space maintaining foil. Sold in packs of 100.




For use with Bisico S4 Suhy.


Bisico S1 Suhy-01.jpg

Bisico S1 Suhy

Addition curing preliminary impression material. 600ml.


Bisico S4 Suhy-01.jpg

Bisico S4 Suhy

Light fowing, superhydrophilic addition curing. Correction silicone in cartridges. Contents of each pack: 3 x 50ml, 18 mixing tips, 10 IOT.


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