Elastomeric Products

DB Elastomeric Ligatures-01.jpg
DB Elastomeric Ligatures
65 bright and vibrant colours.

Excellent stretch and rebound that will not take set. Available in 65 bright and vibrant colours.


Individual patient ties help eliminate cross-contamination.


Packaged in bags of 45 sticks for a total of 990 ties. All DB elastomeric ligatures are latex free. Size .0120.

DB Elastomeric Ligature Kit

Ligature kits contain 20 diferent colours and are available in 3 sizes. Kit also includes free laminated Patient Selector Card.


Colours included in kit: Aqua, Azure, Black, Blue, Clear, Hot Pink, Jelly Plum, Lavender, Light Green, Light Pink, Metallic Ocean, Orange, Purple, Red, Sapphire, Silver, Sky Blue, Tooth, Yellow, White.


Starter Kit (4400 Ligatures)


Introductory Kit (8800 Ligatures)


Master Kit (17600 Ligatures)


Empty Kit box (30 x 16.5 x 4.5cm) DB03-L/Box

DB Elastomeric Ligature Kit-01.jpg
DB Mini Ligatures-01.jpg
DB Mini Ligatures

Mini sticks are available in 20 bright vibrant colours. Each mini stick has 10 elastomeric ligatures, enough for each arch, reducing the risk of cross contamination. Packs contain 1000 ligatures. Size .120”.

Silicone Infused Ligatures & Chain

Highly resistant to staining. Super smooth resulting in easy ligation. Low friction. Excellent stretch and rebound. Perfect match for ceramic brackets. Ligatures sold in packs of 45 sticks (990 ties). Chain sold on a 15ft reel.


Ligatures DB03-0120

Closed Chain DB03-0121

Open Chain DB03-0122

Open Medium Chain DB03-0123

Open Long Chain DB03-0124

Silicone Infused Ligatures & Chain-01.jp
Coloured Chain-01.jpg
Coloured Chain

Available in 12 vibrant colours. High elasticity and excellent rebound. Fade resistant, medical grade polyurethane. Sold on a 15ft reel.

Premium Plus Clear Chain

Force is maintained over longer periods than with standard chains. Premium Plus Chain is thinner than other chains. The .018 to .020 thickness provides ample clearance when tying the chain on top of the bracket ligature ties and piggybacking with other forces systems. Premium Plus Chain is clear and highly resistant to staining; available in Closed, Open and Open Long. Sold on a unique colour coded 15ft reel for easy identifcation.


Closed Blue Reel DB03-0044

Open Yellow Reel DB03-0045

Open Long Red Reel DB03-0046

Premium Plus Clear Chain-01.jpg
Colour Boutique range of elastomeric lig
Colour Boutique range of elastomeric ligatures and chain.

Patients will love the selection of 26 bright colours and nurses will love the easy to hold patient sticks. Orthodontists will enjoy elastomerics developed to enable easy regular and fgure of 8 ligation and optimal force chain. Ligatures are packaged in boxes of 40 patient sticks of 26 ligatures totalling 1040 ties. Chain available in closed, open and open long on a 15ft spool.


Exclusive to DB Orthodontics, these two tone elastomeric ligature ties are available loose or on canes. Latex free. Sold in packs of 1000.

  • High quality elastomeric materials

  • Delivers constant and accurate force

  • Perfect uniformity and consistent sizing

  • Easy to use identification

  • Crystal clear appearance

  • 50 patient packs of 100 elastics per pack (5000 elastics in total)

Starter Kit-01.jpg
Starter Kit

Contains 500 of each of the following colours; azure/hot pink, red/white, green/orchid, black/yellow, blue/red, pink/orchid, blue/yellow, green/white. Includes patient selector card. Only available for loose ligatures.


E-Link Modules-01.jpg

E-Link Modules

Excellent for rotating individual teeth and connecting bracket hooks. Provide continuous gentle forces. Clear in packages of 100 modules. Sizes: 4.3mm, 6.0mm, 8.5mm, 11.5mm.

Assorted DB03-0031

4.3mm DB03-0032

6.0mm DB03-0033

8.5mm DB03-0034

11.5mm DB03-0035

Hollow and Solid Thread-01.jpg

Hollow and Solid Thread

Hollow thread is designed to hold knots by crimping on itself when tied.

Solid thread now has a unique rough surface which helps to secure knots more efciently.


Sold on a 25ft reel.

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Rotation Wedges-01.jpg

Rotation Wedges

The revolutionary design makes tooth rotation easier and faster. The unique wedge shape design provides complete contact with the tooth surface, allowing more force to be transmitted to the tooth. 100 wedges per pack.

Clear Wedges DB03-0001

Grey Wedges DB03-0002

Archwire Sleeving-01.jpg

Archwire Sleeving

Soft transparent tube that slides over the archwire without snagging. Stain and odour resistant. Sold on a 10ft reel.


.018” Clear DB03-2000

.027” Clear DB03-2001

.018 “Grey DB03-2002

.027” Grey DB03-2003

Radiopaque Separators-01.jpg

Radiopaque Separators

Easily identifed on x-ray. Coloured blue, available on individual patient sticks of 10 or loose. Both sold in packs of 1000.

Loose DB03-0003

Sticks DB03-0004

Extra Oral Latex Elastics-01.jpg

Extra Oral Latex Elastics

Available in 4 sizes. Sold in packs of 1000.


16oz 1/4” DB03-2051

16oz 5/16” DB03-2052

16oz 3/8” DB03-2053

16oz 1/2” DB03-2054

14oz 1/2” DB03-2058

  • High quality elastomeric materials

  • Delivers constant and accurate force

  • Perfect uniformity and consistent sizing

  • Easy to use identification

  • Crystal clear appearance

  • 50 patient packs of 100 elastics per pack (5000 elastics in total)