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DB Orthodontics Instruments

DB Orthodontics Instruments are designed and manufactured with great care and attention to quality and functionality.


Our extensive range of hand instruments covers all requirements from probes, bond holders and pliers to forceps, wire cutters and trimmers. All instruments are fully autoclavable.

Mosquito Forceps-01.jpg

Mosquito Forceps

Fine serrated tips for placing elastomeric ligatures. Matt fnish. DB05-0715

Mosquito Forceps with Grooved Tip-01.jpg

Mosquito Forceps with Grooved Tip

Grooved tip means a non-slip grip when placing elastic ligatures.


Grooved Needle Holder-01.jpg

Grooved Needle Holder

Grooved tip prevents ligatures from slipping. DB05-0408

Positive Positioner-01.jpg

Positive Positioner

For precise placement of posterior direct bond attachments. Lightweight design, spring release action.


Autoclavable Bite Sticks-01.jpg

Autoclavable Bite Sticks

Stainless steel tips. Ideal for all orthodontic appliance construction and adjustment. Autoclavable at 120°C only.

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Double Ended Probe-01.jpg

Double Ended Probe

Multifunctional orthodontic hand instrument with precision manufactured tip. DB05-0312

Mitchell Trimmer No.4-01.jpg

Mitchell Trimmer No.4

Multifunctional orthodontic hand instrument with precision manufactured tip. DB05-0317

Wards Carver No.2-01.jpg

Wards Carver No.2

Multifunctional orthodontic hand instrument with precision manufactured tip. DB05-0320



150mm 6” Stainless Steel ruler.


Force Module Separator-01.jpg

Pedo Curved Scissors

Easy spring-back action. Undercut tips positively hold separation modules. DB05-0302

Beebee Straight Scissors-01.jpg

Crown Scissors


Mosquito Forceps with Curved Tip-01.jpg

Mosquito Forceps with Curved Tip

Same high quality as standard mosquito forceps. Curved tip. Matt fnish. DB05-0315C

Straight Smaha-01.jpg

Straight Smaha

Fine tips but strong enough for inserting archwires. Excellent for placing elastomeric ligatures.


Direct Bond Holders-01.jpg

Direct Bond Holders

Deluxe Holder

Fine tip with positioning blade. Reverse action holds all types of brackets and releases smoothly. DB05-0421

Standard Holder

Standard holder with positioning blade. Serrated tips. Reverse action for positive holding.



Curved Holder

Curved tips are ideal for placement of lingual brackets.


College Tweezers-01.jpg

College Tweezers

High quality with serrated tips.


Mirrors No.4-01.jpg

Mirrors No.4

Tested to withstand 2000 cycles in an autoclave. The design of the refecting layers provides optimal image quality and extremely high resistance to deterioration. Heads packed in boxes of 12. Handles packed individually.

Mirror Heads Pk 12 DB05-0313M Mirror Handle DB05-0313

Mirror Handle & Head DB05-0313H

Double Ended Tucker-01.jpg

Double Ended Tucker

Our most popular ligature director. One end notched, one end curved. For directing archwires and ligatures. DB05-0311

Cement Spatula-01.jpg

Cement Spatula

Multifunctional orthodontic hand instrument with precision manufactured tip. DB05-0325



Quick and easy ligation of elastomeric ligatures. DB05-5317

Overbite Ruler-01.jpg

Overbite Ruler

Aluminium ruler for easy measuring of overbite.DB05-0001

Pedo Curved Scissors-01.jpg

Pedo Curved Scissors


Mosquito Forceps with Hook-01.jpg

Mosquito Forceps with Hook

Same quality as standard mosquito forceps. Hook prevents ligature from slipping. DB05-0315H

Mathieu Needle Holder-01.jpg

Mathieu Needle Holder

High quality needle holder with T.C. tips for placement of stainless steel ligatures. DB05-0406

Reverse Keat Bondable Tube Holder-01.jpg

Reverse Keat Bondable Tube Holder

Reverse action tube placer designed for placing bondable tubes, lingual brackets and attachments. Curved design allows placement with an unobstructed view. DB05-0423

Mershon Band Pusher-01.jpg

Mershon Band Pusher

Stainless steel serrated tip for a positive control. DB05-0559

Single Ended Short Probe-01.jpg

Single Ended Short Probe

Multifunctional orthodontic hand instrument with precision manufactured tip. DB05-0304

Distal Bender-01.jpg

Distal Bender

Works on all stainless steel, most NiTi and Beta III wires. For use with wires up to .021” x .028” (.53 x .71mm) DB05-0321

Flat Plastic No.6-01.jpg

Flat Plastic No.6

Multifunctional orthodontic hand instrument with precision manufactured tip. DB05-0316

Boon Gauge-01.jpg

Boon Gauge

Helps with precise bracket placement. Accurately measures height of bracket from tooth edge; 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5mm. Made from surgical stainless steel. DB05-0004



Overall length 4” (115mm). Measuring range up to 95mm. Can be used to measure models and intra orally. DB05-0

Beebee Straight Scissors-01.jpg

Beebee Straight Scissors


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