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Iconic Original Retainer Material

Iconic Original is brilliantly clear and rigid when formed. It is perfect for orthodontic retainers, aligners for minor tooth movement, occlusal splints, and bruxism splints. Iconic Original accepts bonding materials. The protective clear foil on both sides is heat resistant and can be used as a spacer when forming retainers. There is no need to insulate the model when using the clear foil. Sold in packs of 50.

Semi Rigid Bleaching Tray

Semi Rigid Bleaching Tray Material

Iconic Semi Rigid Bleaching Tray Material is a higher density bleaching tray formulation, resulting in more rigid bleaching trays when thermoformed. A higher melting temperature prevents overheating and over thinning of the bleaching tray. Sold in packs of 25.


Iconic Vacuum Forming Machine

• Easy to use

• Powerful vacuum forming machine - 1400W vacuum motor

• Carbon heating element, no pre-heat required

• Unique blank support for heating both sides of the plate (rotating plate), for use on mouthguards and dual compound materials

• Model holder can be used fat or as cup to submerge model

• Suitable for 125mm round or 5” square blanks

• Powerful automatic vacuum start - micro-switch starts on lowering plate

• 1 year warranty


ICONIC PRO Reservoir LC-01.jpg

Iconic PRO Reservoir LC

The bleaching tray revolution is here - prepare the perfect bleaching tray reservoirs quickly and efectively time after time.

• Quick curing time.

• No waxy residue smear layer.

• Very smooth, even fnish so no additional working required.

• Cures with halogen or UV light.

Iconic Pro is a high yield product, with its easy fow properties one tube lasts longer than conventional block out gels. 1 Pack = 2 x 2ml syringes & 6 mixing tips.



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Chameleon Colour Concentrate-01.jpg

Chameleon Colour Concentrate

Brightly coloured liquid tints for colouring cold cure acrylics. Simple to use, add to clear monomer before use. Sold in 30ml bottles.


Features include:

• Great bond strength

• Fast initial cure time

Sold in 20g bottle.


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Big Burtha-01.jpg

Big Burtha Coated Mouthguard Bur

Big Burtha is a Zirconium Nitride coated bur which has a larger cutting surface ideal for use on EVA materials. Big Burtha can also be used to trim both cold and heat cure acrylics leaving a smooth fnish which is easily polished.



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Acrylic Polishers-01.jpg

Acrylic Polishers

Perfect for polishing all acrylic appliances. Use between 10-15,000 RPM.


Acrylic Polisher A DBL4-9572

Acrylic Polisher B DBL4-9573

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Stainless Steel Wire - Leowire-01.jpg

Stainless Steel Wire - Leowire

Chromium stainless steel alloy. Diamond drawn to obtain a perfectly smooth and round surface. Yield strength of 1800-2000 N/mm². Sold on a 70g spool or 500g reel.

Quad Helix Curved Sheaths-01.jpg

Quad Helix Curved Sheaths

Sold in packs of 10.



Straight Lingual Sheaths

Sold in packs of 10.


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Co-Ax Stainless Steel on a spool-01.jpg

Co-Ax Stainless Steel on a spool

This Co-Ax design of fve wires wrapped tightly around a single core wire produces a resilient wire that is suitable for the initial arch stage of treatment. Sold on 30ft spool.

Alpha Retainer Material-01.jpg

Iconic Alpha Retainer Material

Iconic Alpha is a strong and extremely durable thermoformed material. Indications for use include orthodontic retainers, aligners for minor tooth movements, bite planes, occlusal splints, and snoring appliances. It does not bond with acrylic. Iconic Alpha is cloudy when formed. Sold in packs of 50.

Soft EVA Material-01.jpg

Soft EVA Material

Soft pliable EVA material, great conformity to the model with excellent strength and fexibility. Can be used for model duplications, mouthguards, nightguards and bleaching trays. Easily laminates. Sold in packs of 25

Mouthguard Material-01.jpg

Mouthguard Material

Soft pliable EVA mouthguard material, great conformity to the model with excellent strength and fexibility. Easily laminates. For the product code add DBL3- before the numbers in the adjacent table. 125mm round available as a special order. Sheets sold individually

LEOCRYL Orthodontic Self-Curing Acrylic

LEOCRYL® Orthodontic Self-Curing Acrylic Resin

Developed specifcally for orthodontic use, for either spray-on or doughing techniques. For complete polymerization of the acrylic we recommend the use of a Leone hydrofask or pressure pot at 40°C, with a pressure of 2.5atm for 20 minutes (see DB Lab Supplies Catalogue for all appliance pots). Leocryl provides hard and perfectly smooth fnished appliances.

DB Rhino Rock-01.jpg

RHINO Rock Model Resin

DB Rhino Rock modelling resin is a quick and easy alternative to traditional dental laboratory gypsum stone products. Rhino Rock is most commonly used for making dental impression models used in thermoforming, by pouring directly into an alginate/silicone impression tray. Rhino Rock bench cures within 30 minutes, is dimensionally stable, with zero expansion. It is strong and impact resistant, it will not chip. Rhino Rock models are white opaque in colour and can be 3D scanned.


1 pack = 2 x 800g bottles.


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Micro Soldering Torch-01.jpg

Micro Soldering Torch

• Piezo ignition

• Fine adjustable fame

• Butane re-chargeable up to 2hrs burn time

• Eliminates heat transfer, for safety and ease of use



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Coated Tricutter-01.jpg

Coated Tricutter

The Zirconium Nitride coating means the tricutter is suitable for use with all thermoforming materials, heat cure and cold cure acrylics. The coating increases the hardness and durability, allowing an unparalleled longevity and fracture resistance.



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Iconic Polishing Discs-01.jpg

Iconic Polishing Discs

Made from 3M Scotch BriteTM polypropylene, non-woven material. Head of disc is thicker than other polishing heads. Head and shank supplied attached. 5 discs per pack.

Iconic Fine White Polishing Discs


Iconic Medium Grey Polishing Discs


Iconic Coarse Brown Polishing Discs


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Ball clasps-01.jpg

Ball clasps

The perfect round shaped one-piece ball clasp. Sold in packs of 100.

Straight Twist Wire-01.jpg

Straight Twist Wire

3-strand coaxial wire. Sold in packs of 10.

Bleaching Tray Material-01.jpg

Iconic Bleaching Tray Material

Iconic Bleaching Tray Material is a specially formulated EVA which heats and forms easily with great conformity to the model. The material is brilliantly clear, soft and fexible when formed, making it comfortable for the patient. Superb accuracy is achieved after forming. This results in brilliantly defned margins, stopping any bleaching gel from seeping from the reservoir and allowing a much more successful process, therefore protecting the patient’s soft tissue. Sold in packs of 25.

Dual Laminate Material-01.jpg

Dual Laminate Material

Iconic Dual Laminate can be used to fabricate a variety of thermoformed retainer / mouthguard appliances. It is particularly efective when used in the construction of bruxism appliances (2mm), due to its hard wearing occlusal contact surface. Iconic Dual Laminate can be bonded to acrylic, and can be used in the construction of Sleep Apnoea appliances (3mm). Sold in packs of 6.

Iconic Stainless Steel Balls-01.jpg

Iconic Stainless Steel Balls

Highly polished Iconic Stainless Steel balls, used for securely positioning models when thermoforming. Reduces the need to trim the model. Can be used with the Iconic VF1 vacuum former. 2kg tub.



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Monospray Plus-01.jpg

Monospray Plus

Monospray Plus is formulated using the latest polymer technology. It has a greater working time and a longer gel like state which is advantageous when making functional appliances.

• Monospray Plus will not slump, due to its slow fow properties.

• Greater working time, longer gel like state.

• Superior strength & hardness.

• Excellent optical properties.

• Accurate ft, with minimal shrinkage after polymerisation.

• Can be used for either spray or doughing techniques.

• Available in clear or pink.

Double-O Duplicating Silicone-01.jpg

Double-O Duplicating Silicone

Double-O Duplicating Silicone is a tear resistant addition cured pouring silicone. Double-O is ideal when used for orthognathic model duplications as brackets and severe undercuts do not cause a problem when demoulding. Orange in colour, 21 shore hardness.


1 pack = 2 x 1 litre bottles.



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Cool Tungstens-01.jpg

Cool Tungstens

Our special Zirconium Nitride coated Tungsten Carbide burs have been developed for use with all heat and cold cured acrylics and softer EVA materials.


They ofer the following advantages over other brands of non-coated burs: • The coating increases the hardness of the bur’s cutting edges - therefore the bur’s life is up to 5 times longer.

• The coated bur surface is very smooth which reduces friction. A cooler bur reduces or eliminates clogging.

• The coated bur is sharper which means the appliances can be trimmed and fnished quicker.

Plaster Removal Bur-01.jpg

Plaster Removal Bur

Cross cut super coarse TC bur for removal of plaster and resins. Use between 7-10,000 RPM.



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DB Lab Wire-01.jpg

DB Lab Wire - Easy to shape and bend, for all orthodontic appliances.

A highly polished stainless steel wire that is easy to shape and bend whilst retaining its spring hardness. Diamond drawn to achieve highly resistant and even surfaces. Suitable for all orthodontic appliances. Manufactured in the UK. Supplied on 500g wooden reels.

Quad Helix Arches-01.jpg

Quad Helix Arches

Made from 0.9mm (.036”) stainless steel with curved ends for easy insertion. No soldering needed. For maxillary and mandible with correct gingival clearance.

Untitled-2Straight Flex Wire-01.jpg

Straight Flex Wire

5-strand coaxial wire. Sold in packs of 10.

Pop screw universal-01.jpg
Standard Screw for Upper Appliances-01.j
3 Dimensional Expansion Screw with 3 Act
Perfect Orthodontic Performance: Removable Orthodontics Midline Expansion Screws

Stainless steel and biomedical techno polymer, continuous expansion movement, self-centering guides ensure a controlled symmetrical expansion, excellent comfort and clear opening direction. Sold in packs of 10.

Plaster Knife 17cm-01.jpg

Plaster Knife 17cm


Wax Knife 17cm-01.jpg

Wax Knife 17cm


Beebee Straight Scissors-01.jpg

Beebee Straight Scissors


Saw blades-01.jpg

Saw blades


Plaster Knife Gritmann 17cm-01.jpg

Plaster Knife Gritmann 17cm


Le Cron Fig. 2-01.jpg

Le Cron Fig. 2


Pedo Curved Scissors-01.jpg

Pedo Curved Scissors


Autoclavable Heavy Duty Cutter-01.jpg

Autoclavable Heavy Duty Cutter with T.C. tips

Maximum cutting capacity: .040” (1mm).


Wax Knife 13cm-01.jpg

Wax Knife 13cm


Wax Carver No. 5-01.jpg

Wax Knife 13cm


Acrylic Saw-01.jpg

Acrylic Saw


ixion logo-01.png

All Ixion laboratory instruments are made from German surgical stainless steel with a beautiful satin fnish which reduces glare. All instruments have a box joint which provides a reliable, smooth action and ensures the tips align perfectly every time. One of our most popular laboratory instruments is the ix164 Ixion Adams Plier. For decades Adams pliers have been a must in orthodontic appliance construction. The Ixion Adams Plier has been developed and manufactured to the same specifcations as the original Adams, designed by Professor Phillip Adams. The ix164 ofers an accuracy and precision not seen with other Adams pliers.

Adams Plier-01.jpg

Adams Plier

Inserted tips have a high resistance to deformation or wear under constant use, providing continued accuracy and precision during appliance construction. Bends hard wire up to .039” (1mm).


Three Jaw Plier-01.jpg

Three Jaw Plier

Can be used to bend the arms of rapid expansion screws. For hard wire up to .059” (1.5mm) max.


Swartz Plier-01.jpg

Swartz Plier

Arrow clasp forming plier. For hard wire up to .028” (0.7mm) max.


Conical Flat Nose Plier-01.jpg

Conical Flat Nose Plier

Has one serrated and one smooth tip. For use with hard wire up to .028” (0.7mm) max.


Heavy Duty Bird Beak-01.jpg

Heavy Duty Bird Beak

This plier is ideal for the fabrication of labial and lingual arches, quad helix, and many other appliances. These heavy duty bird beak pliers have special inserted tips which allow the bending of wire up to .039” (1mm).


Spring Former Plier-01.jpg

Spring Former Plier

Tungsten Carbide inserted tips. Perfectly machined to produce accurate coil springs. Bends hard wire up to 0.28” (0.7mm) max.


Three Jaw Plier2-01-01.jpg

Three Jaw Plier

For hard wire up to .039” (1mm) max.


Lingual Arch Bending Plier-01.jpg

Lingual Arch Bending Plier

Grooved to hold all larger wire sizes, jaw width is .12” (3.05mm). Also ideal for double and triple back bends. Bends round, square and rectangular wires up to .036” (0.9mm) max.


Optical Plier-01.jpg

Optical Plier

For hard wire up to .028” (0.7mm) max


Heavy Duty Hard Wire Cutter-01.jpg

Heavy Duty Hard Wire Cutter

This plier is ideal for cutting of labial and lingual arches, quad helix, and many other appliances. Double spring design allows for easy cutting of hard wire up to .060” (1.5mm).


Universal General Use Plier-01.jpg

Universal General Use Plier

Both tips are serrated. Bends hard wire up to .039” (1.0mm) max. Cuts hard wire up to .028” (0.7mm) max.


Three Jaw Plier2-01.jpg

Young Plier

For labial arches and canine loops. For hard wire up to .028” (0.7mm) max


Flat Nose Plier-01.jpg

Flat Nose Plier

Both tips are serrated. For use with hard wire up to .036” (0.9mm) max.


Flat Nose Plier2-01.jpg

Flat Nose Plier

A favourite general purpose plier - both tips of this fat nose plier are serrated with a guiding groove for use by the technician or clinician for chairside adjustments of hard wire up to .028” (0.7mm) max.


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