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Airo Strips

An innovative interproximal reduction system that makes interproximal enamel removal safer and more accurate without creating sharp corners or subgingival ledges. 

Designed for use with all orthodontic treatments, these strips curve and flex along the natural contours of the teeth 

to avoid cutting and gums, to prevent excessive enamel removal,and to maximise patient comfort.

Airo strips-01.png
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Yellow IPR 0.06mm-01.jpg

Yellow IPR 0.06mm

Single-Sided, Extra-Fine Diamond Serrated. Sold in pack of 8.



Green IPR 0.20mm-01.jpg

Green IPR 0.20mm

Double-Sided Coarse Diamond. Sold in pack of 8.



Purple IPR 0.25mm-01.jpg

Purple IPR 0.25mm

Double-Sided Coarse Diamond. Sold in pack of 8.



Incremental Thickness Gauge (Set of 6)-0

Incremental Thickness Gauge (Set of 6)

Stainless Steel - 0.1, 0.2, 0.25, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5mm. Sold individually.



Red IPR 0.12mm-01.jpg

Red IPR 0.12mm

Doubled-Sided Medium Diamond. Sold in pack of 8.



Clear IPR 0.10mm-01.jpg

Clear IPR 0.10mm

Single-Sided Medium-Fine Diamond, Serrated. Sold in pack of 8



Brown IPR 0.30mm-01.jpg

Brown IPR 0.30mm

Double-Sided, Coarse Diamond. Sold in pack of 8.



Dark Blue IPR 0.15mm-01.jpg

Dark Blue IPR 0.15mm

Double-Sided Coarse Diamond.. Sold in pack of 8.



Cyan IPR 0.12mm-01.jpg

Cyan IPR 0.12mm

Single-Sided, Medium-Coarse. Diamond. Sold in pack of 8.



Intro pack-01.jpg

Intro pack

(1 of each colour). Sold in pack of 8.



Interproximal Diamond Bur-01.jpg

Interproximal Diamond Bur

For interproximal stripping. Friction grip. Sold in pscks of 5.

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Disc Guards-01.jpg

Disc Guards

For safe, efficient and effective interproximal reduction. Protects patient’s lips, cheeks and gums from laceration. Easy to use: attach disc guard to adaptor (DB04-1003), slide adaptor onto slow speed straight handpiece, insert disc and close chuck latch. Set of 3



Aligner Chewies-01.jpg

Aligner Chewies

Biting down on these firm foam cylinders helps to seat aligners and make treatment proceed smoothly and quickly. With proper care, two aligner. They can be cleaned with soap and water, diluted mouthwash or with appliance cleaning tablets. Each pack contains 10 bags of 2 chewies in a hygienic sealed bag.

Stripping Discs-01.jpg

Stripping Discs

Serrated diamond discs with fine diamond grit for seperating ceramics, plaster, acrylics, resin veneers. Sold as each.



For us with disc guards (DB04-1002). Fits most slow speed straight handpieces. Sold as each.



Aligner Retrievers-01.jpg

Aligner Retrievers

This handy tool feature specially designed hooks which help to remove clear retainers or aligners with ease. Ideal for people with large fingers. Eah pack contains 10 retrievers in a hygienic sealed bag.

Superflex Discs-01.jpg

Superflex Discs

Diamond discs with fine diamond grit for initially seperating and contouring porcelain. Available single or double sided. Sold as each.

Interproximal Stripper Kit-01.jpg

Interproximal Stripper Kit

For removal and recontouring of interproximal enamel. Kit comes with six 4mm double sided abrasive strips, medium grit. Replacement strips sold in packs of 12.

Iconic Polishing Discs-01.jpg

Iconic Polishing Discs

Made from 3M Scoth BriteTM polypropylene, non-woven material. Head of disc is thicker than other polishing heads. Head and shank supplied attached. 5 discs per pack.

Wonder of the world
  • High quality elastomeric materials

  • Delivers constant and accurate force

  • Perfect uniformity and consistent sizing

  • Easy to use identification

  • Crystal clear appearance

  • 50 patient packs of 100 elastics per pack (5000 elastics in total)

Wonders of the world logo-01.png
Wonders of the world-01.jpg
iconic original retainer material

Iconic Original is brilliantly clear and rigid when formed. it is perfect for orthodontic retainers, aligners for minor tooth movement, occlusal splints and bruxism splints. Iconic Original accepts bonding materials. The protective clear foil on both sides is heat resistant and can be used as a spacer when forming retainers. There is no need to insulate the model when using the clear foil. Sold in packs of 50.

iconic vacum forming machine
  • Easy to use

  • Powerful vacuum forming machine - 1400W vacuum motor

  • Carbon heating element, no pre-heat required

  • Unique blank support for heating both sides of the plate (rotating plate), for use on mouthguards and dual compound materials

  • Model holder can be used flat or as cup to submerge model

  • Suitable for 125mm round or 5” square blanks Powerful automatic vacuum start - micro-swith starts on lowering plate

  • 1 year warranty



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