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For clinical photographers


All the products in this section are to enable you to create the perfect picture whilst taking clinical photographs.

Intra Oral Mirrors-01.jpg

Intra Oral Mirrors

High resolution intra oral photographs depend on superior reflective mirrors. We offer four styles that give you unparalleled access to all intra oral regions. These mirrors have a solid chrome coating on 3mm transparent glass - the best choice for photography -providing higher reflectivity for sharper, precise images with 35mm and digital photography. These mirrors withstand repeated steam and autoclave sterilisation. Autoclavable up to 137°C. sold as each.

Photographic Metallic Blades-01.jpg

Photographic Metallic Blades

Available in 2 sizes. For lingual photos use small(1) for occlusal photos use large (2). Mirror polished effect. Autoclavable up to 137°C. Sold as each.



DB contrastors greatly improve photographs. Due to their exclusive anatomical format and opaque painting, undesired details such as nostrils, lips and moustaches will no longer be part of your images. These one piece contrastors allow for anterior and occlusal photographs, and can also be used for lateral photographs, Autoclavable up to 135°C. Sold as each.

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Small Stainless Steel Cheek Retractor-01

Small Stainless Steel Cheek Retractor

Stainless Steel Cheek retractor with satin finish to prevent glare. Autoclavable at 134-137°C. Sold as each.

Hand Held Cheek Retractor-01.jpg

Hand Held Cheek Retractor

Smooth, rounded edges. Hand-held for increased visibility/accessibility. One universal size fits all patients. Autoclavable up to 137°C. Sold in pairs.

Long Handled Cheek Retractors-01.jpg

Long Handled Cheek Retractors

Excellent for photography. Autoclavable up to 121°C, Sold in pairs



Double ended occlusal and buccal cheek retractor. Keeps lips retracted for better occlusal pictures. Autoclavable up to 121°C, Sold as each.



Optragate provides easy and effective enlargement of the treatment field. it allows the patient’s lips and cheeks to be gently and evenly retracted to provide a full view of the anterior and posterior teeth, while the lips are completely covered and protected. Available in two adult sizes-Regular, small and junior size. Single use only. OptraGate is entirely latex-free. Sold in packs of 80.

Soft Spandex Cheek Expanders-01.jpg

Soft Spandex Cheek Expanders

Soft material allows greater flexibility. Soft cheek retractors are less prone to fracture than hard plastic type. Ideal for intra-oral photography as matt finish does not reflect glare from flash unit. Fully autoclavable. Standard and junior size. Sold in pairs.

Photo Cassette2-01.jpg

Photo Cassette

Large low profile cassette, holds 4 mirrors and 2 cheeks retractors. Size 290 x 183 x 37mm.



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Silicone coated mirror handle-01.jpg

Silicone coated mirror handle

Adjustable mirror handle from stainless steel, coated in Teflon silicone. Suitable for ultrasonic bath, washer disinfector and autoclave up to 137°C

Stainless Steel Blades-01.jpg

Stainless Steel Blades

These stainless steel double-ended mirrors provide the perfect imaging solution for every patient. The highly polished surface ensures high reflectivity and is virtually indestructible. No double reflections Polished stainless steel Double ended versatility Extremely durable finish Use with digital or 35mm photography Withstand repeated sterilisation Autoclavable up to 137°C Sold as each

Sternberg Lip Retractors-01.jpg

Sternberg Lip Retractors

Double ended stainless steel lip retractor. Autoclavable up to 134°C. Sold as each.

Stainless Steel Cheek Retractor-01.jpg

Stainless Steel Cheek Retractor

Stainless Steel Cheek retractor with satin finish to prevent glare. One large and one small end. Provides excellent visibility of the entire dental arch. Autoclavable up to 137°C. Sold as each.

V Retractors-01.jpg

V Retractors

Clear “V” shaped retractors for posterior photography. Autoclavable up to 135°C, Sold in pairs.

Clear Cheek Retractors-01.jpg

Clear Cheek Retractors

Very clear, excellent for photography, Cold sterilisable only, Sold in pairs.

Photo Lip Retractor-01.jpg

Photo Lip Retractor

Innovative design provides maximum exposure for occlusal photographs. Autoclavable up to 137°C, Sold as each.

Nola Dry Field System-01.jpg

Nola Dry Field System

Obtain a totally dry field for the entire arch without drugs, absorbing pads and cotton rolls. System includes: Cheek retractor, Silicone Tubing, Connectors, Saliva Ejector.

Extra Oral Cheek Expanders-01.jpg

Extra Oral Cheek Expanders

Autoclavable Extra Oral Cheek Expanders are specifically designed to resist fracture. The unique tab allows the cheeks to be pulled out further. Made from a heavy dirty plastic, it is autoclavable without risk of cracking or breaking. Autoclavable up to 120°C. Sold in pairs.

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Glass Mirrors with Handle-01.jpg

Glass Mirrors with Handle

These glass mirrors feature a stainless steel handle for ease of use. Available in Occlusal (1) and Buccal(2). Autoclavable up to 137°C. Sold as each.



Blaxk anodized aluminium paddles give contrast to your images and eliminate unwanted elements from photographs. Autoclavable up to 134°C. Sold as a set of 2 pieces: 1 wide and 1 narrow

Small Cheek Retractors-01.jpg

Small Cheek Retractors

Sized for adult and child. Durable plastic design. Autoclavable up to 137°C. Sold in pairs.

Photo Retractors-01.jpg

Photo Retractors

A photo retractor design that provides a buccal extension to hold the lips and cheeks away from the teeth, resulting in improved intra oral photography. Autoclavable up to 137°C, Sold in pairs.

Double Ended V Retractor-01.jpg

Double Ended V Retractor

Autoclavable up to 137°C. Sold in pairs.

Opaque Cheek Retractors-01.jpg

Opaque Cheek Retractors

Autoclavable up to 137°C, Sold in pairs.

Lip Ring Retractor-01.jpg

Lip Ring Retractor

The spring like action maintains the retraction of the patient’s lips. Sized for adult and children. ideal for bonding and intra oral photography. Cold sterilisable only, Sold in pairs


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Spand-Ezz Cheek Expander-01.jpg

Spand-Ezz Cheek Expander

Excellent Retractor for bonding. Allows unrestricted access to entire mouth. Made of a clear and flexible thermoplastic. Autoclavable up to 120°C. Sold as each.

Photo Cassette-01.jpg

Photo Cassette

Medium low profile cassette, holds 3 mirrors securely. Size 198 x 165 x 37mm.



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