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Bands & Attachments


Contoured 1st Molar Bands

1st Molar bands available in .022 Roth* and MBT* prescription pre-welded with non-convertible low profle buccal tubes. • Permanently etched marking system. • Etched inner surface for better retention. • Band size range of 29.5 - 43.5 including half sizes.

Plain molar bands available-01-01.jpg

Plain molar bands available


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Mandibular Tube - Single Lower-01.jpg

Mandibular Tube - Single Lower

Non convertible with mesial hook.

Maxillary Tube - Double Upper-01.jpg

Maxillary Tube - Double Upper

Non convertible with mesial hook.




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Maxillary Tube - Single Upper-01.jpg

Maxillary Tube - Single Upper

Non convertible with mesial hook.

Stackable Band Tray-01.jpg

Stackable Band Tray**


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Evolve Molar Band Kits-01.jpg
evolve now1-01.jpg
evolve now logo-01.jpg

Evolve Flow bondable tubes were designed in conjunction with leading orthodontists to incorporate all of the features needed for enhanced performance. Available in Roth* and MBT* .018 and .022.

evolve now2-01.jpg
1st Molar Evolve Flow  Tube-01.jpg

1st Molar Evolve Flow  Tube


2nd Molar Evolve Flow Tube-01.jpg

2nd Molar Evolve Flow Tube

Non convertible with mesial hook.

evolve bt2-01.jpg

Evolve bondable tubes are available in Roth* and MBT* .018 and .022. Features include:


• Comfort Ball Hook

• Colour Enhanced I.D.

• Low Profle Design • Full Funnelled Entrance

• Occlusal Indent

• Compound-Contour Moulded Base

• Torque-In Base

• 80 Gauge Mesh Base

evolve bt-01.jpg
evolve ct2-01-01.jpg

Evolve convertible tubes

Manufactured with the same features as the standard Evolve tube, but with the addition of a convertible cap. Our convertible tubes incorporate a tie wing design for secure ligation.

Esprit Class II Corrector-01.jpg

When we asked doctors what they wanted in a Class II corrector, the response was clear: More comfort. More durability. Easier placement. So we developed Esprit. The breakthrough appliance that ofers everything your Class II corrector is missing.


Spiral hooks-01.jpg

Spiral hooks

Excellent for use with Infnitas mini implants. Can attach auxiliary attachments at 3 diferent levels. Fits archwires up to .021” x .025”. Spiral hooks can be cut using hard wire cutter to obtain desired length.


Sold in packs of 10.

Left DB22-0487

Right DB22-0488

Crimpable arch stops-01.jpg

Crimpable arch stops

Can be inserted without removing the archwire. Once positioned onto the archwire, crimp it with a crimping plier (ix834).


Pack 10 DB22-0486H

Pack 100 DB22-0486

Bondable Lingual Cleat-01.jpg

Bondable Lingual Cleat

Fine foil mesh base. Low profle cleats for minimum tissue irritation, welded to a fne Stainless Steel foil mesh base. Sold in packs of 10.



Round Flat Base Eruption

Round Flat Base Eruption Appliance

The low profle of the caplin hook minimizes irritation and the super mesh base ensures reliable bonding. Allergic reactions are minimal because the chain is 14k gold and the mesh bonding pad is titanium nitride coated. Sold as each.



Straight8+ Lingual Retainer Wire

In response to customer feedback we have further developed our Straight8 wire for those orthodontists searching for a ‘dead soft’ retainer wire for chairside retainers.

Sold on a 5ft reel.


fxed retainers-01.jpg

Don’t use fxed retainers? We supply a full range of vacuum forming material and accessories.


Crimpable bi-directional ball hooks-01.j

Crimpable bi-directional ball hooks

Easily placed onto any size archwire inside or outside of the mouth. Secure anchor for any auxiliary attachment. Bi-directional hook for easy ligation. Smooth for patient comfort. Fits archwires up to .021” x .025”.


Sold in packs of 10.


1.6mm DB22-0482

3.3mm DB22-0483

Crimpable Hooks-01.jpg

Crimpable Hooks

Fits round and rectangular wire. Available in 2 sizes.


Sold in packs of 10.

Crimp it with the Crimpable Archwire Hook Plier (ix820).


.018 LG9650-18

.022 LG9650-22

Bondable Buttons-01.jpg

Bondable Buttons

Fine foil mesh base. Sold in packs of 10


A Flat Base DB22-0470

B Elliptical Base DB22-0471

Rapid Alignment Tube-01.jpg

Rapid Alignment Tube

Excellent for initial alignment due to its narrow dimensions. Undercuts for increased strength. Easy debonding. Sold in packs of 10


Bond-A-Braid Retainer Wire-01.jpg

Bond-A-Braid Retainer Wire

• Permanent retention is greatly enhanced using a fattened, dead soft 8-braided wire. Intra-arch splinting with this thin ribbon arch prevents torque control problems that can occur using a round braided wire.

• When bonded on the lingual of the upper incisors, a very thin rectangular wire can be adapted with little lower incisor interference.

• Easy to adapt and prevents inadvertent tooth movement associated with active force wires.

• Excellent for semi-permanent orthodontic splinting of the upper or lower incisors. Can be used to hold diastemas closed, maintain difcult extraction sites and solve various other tooth-splinting dilemmas.

• Excellent for splinting periodontally comprised teeth.

• Sold in 6’’ lengths packs of 10.


Crimpable archwire hooks-01.jpg

Crimpable archwire hooks

Excellent for use with Infnitas Mini Implant attachments. Securely attach closed coil springs or any auxiliary attachments. Can be placed onto archwires inside or outside of the mouth. 6.8mm tall and fts archwires up to .021” x .025”.


Sold in packs of 10.

Left DB22-0480

Right DB22-0481

Crimpable Arch Stop2-01.jpg

Crimpable Arch Stop

Sold in packs of 10.


.018” x .025” LG9225-18

.022” x .028” LG9228-22

Bondable Eyelets-01.jpg

Bondable Eyelets

.030 diameter. Sold in packs of 10.



Straight8 Lingual Retainer Wire

• Straight8 retains the teeth in position at the end of orthodontic treatment

• Straight8 flattened 8 strand braided wire is a lower profile than other leading brands, only 0.028’’ x 0.008’’

• Straight8 contours easily to the lingual surface of the tooth

• Straight8 is compatible with all types of adhesive and cuts easily without fraying

• Straight8 has received excellent feedback on performance during our clinical trials

Sold in 6’’ length packs of 10.


Ortho Flextech Dental Retention System-0

Ortho Flextech Dental Retention System

The next generation in lingual retention using solid Gold and Stainless Steel Chain retainer

• Stabilises orthodontic corrections

• Prevents rotational relapses

• Easy application - naturally forms to lingual arch curvature

• Less doctor time / less chair time

• Low failure rate due to “fex linkage”

• No laboratory costs or delays

• Improved patient comfort - lays fat against the teeth

• Lasting aesthetics due to 14k white gold composition

• Sold on 30” reel


Solid Gold DB09-R/OFT2

Solid Gold Etch DB09-R/OFTETCH

Stainless Steel DB09-R/SSOFT

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