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Adhesive & Bonding Supplies

Our light cure bonding adhesive solutions have been clinically tested against the leading orthodontic adhesives. Bond-it adhesive for metal and ceramic brackets and tubes, and Band-it cement for bands are now well established in the market place as the product range favoured by many orthodontics worldwide.

Medium viscosity means easy to use.

• Blue paste means easy to clean up.

• The resin and glass ionomer cement allows for the slow release of fuoride.

• Has no unpleasant taste.

• The syringe and capsule design provides easy and accurate delivery.

• Superior adhesion with a high resistance to washout and band looseness.

• Single syringe equals 30-40 bands

1 Syringe (5g) DB09-0100

Economy Pack (4) DB09-0101

Bulk Pack (8) DB09-0102


• High viscosity means a low drift for accurate bracket placement.

• Has a distinguishable colour to facilitate clean up of fash.

• Is the only adhesive that transitions to tooth colour after 2-3 weeks.

• Superior bond strength compared to leading brands.

Kit contains:

Adhesive syringe (2 or 4), Light cure sealant, Etchant, Mixing pad and Brushes.

Kit (2 Syringe) DB09-0200

Kit (4 Syringe) DB09-0201

Replacement parts

Adhesive syringe (5g) DB09-0202

Light cure sealant (7ml) DB09-0203

Etchant (4g) DB09-0204

Mixing pad (pk 50) DB09-0205

Brushes (pk 25) DB09-0206

Essential tools for indirect orthodontic bonding, Emiluma and Lumaloc are made of transparent silicone that allows quick and precise delivery to the arch.

• Materials chemically cure together to create a single tray with a soft interior

• Made of transparent material that allows brackets to be light cured through indirect bonding trays

• Unique formulations allow both products to remove cleanly without crumbling

• Easy-to-use cartridges ft in standard impression materials dispensing gun

• Supported by Dr. Richard P. McLaughlin and the developers of the Quick IDBSTM—Drs. Masatada Koga, Kazuya Watanabe, and Takako Koga

Contact us for full instructional video

Emiluma and Lumaloc-01.jpg


Emiluma Silicone provides a soft internal tray to enable easy removal of the tray following intra-oral bonding.

Emiluma Essentials Kit 1 x Dispensing gun 3 x 50ml cartridges 30 x tips



Emiluma Refll Kit 2 x 50ml cartridges 20 x tips



Dispensing gun 1 x dispensing gun DB09-0063




• Releases and recharges fuoride up to 18 months

• 38% flled with substantial glass ionomer plus nano-fllers for long-lasting strength

• Non-yellowing and stain resistant

• Drying agent seeks out moisture and draws resin in, ensuring superior bonding and fuoride uptake

• Fluorescent properties make reapplication and removal easy and convenient

Seal kit 4 x 1.7g syringe 60 x metal tips



Trial syringe 1 x 0.6g 3 x Opal Seal tip




Lumaloc creates a transfer tray of optimal strength and stability for the indirect technique.


Lumaloc Refll Kit 2 x 50ml cartridges 12 x tips



opalbond MV


• Medium viscosity that butters easily into bracket mesh and minimises drift upon placement

• Proprietary loading process virtually eliminates “run on"

• Ergonomic contra-angle syringe delivers adhesives with precision and economy

• Contains fuorescing properties, making it visible under a UV black light to ease removal

• Extended working time

Opal Bond MV syringe kit 8 x 0.9g Opal Bond MV syringes





• Unique self-limiting properties after 15 seconds prevent over etching

• Optimal viscosity with a proprietary surfactant penetrates the smallest fssures without migrating

• Proprietary etch solution rinses of enamel quickly and easily

• Brilliant blue color assures safe, accurate placement and complete removal

Etch kit (4 x 1.5g syringe + 20 tips)



Etch 20 x 1.5g syringe



Etch Econo 50 x 1.5g syringe



Etch Indispense refll (30g jumbo syringe)



Opal bond flow

• Optimal fow characteristics and placement and help prevent slumping • Contains a micro-nano hybrid fller for enduring strength and wear

• Ideal for permanent retainers, bite ramps, occlusal buildups, and indirect bonding

• Compatible with any light-cured bonding system

• Smooth fnish and kind to opposing enamel

• Also available in blue, ideal for bite ramp and occlusal build ups.

Opal Bond fow syringe kit 2 x 2.3g A2 syringes 20 x metal tips


Also available in blue


Opal Red Tip-01.jpg
Opal Red Tip

• Smooth delivery of viscous or filled materials via an internal helical channel and ridge

• Tight, adjustable brush fibres minimize bubbles

Tips (20 pack) Optomal with: Opal Etch


Opal Blue Tip-01.jpg
Opal Blue Tip

• Pinpoint precision

• Narrow cannula accurately delivers material

• 25g cannula

Tips (20 pack) Optomal with: Opal Etch


Opal Bond Flow Tip-01.jpg
Opal Bond Flow Tip

• Large-gauge cannula enables consistent flow

• Standard flowable composite delivery tip

Tips (20 pack) Optomal with: Opal Bond Flow


Many other tips available. Please contact us for details or to place an order.

Don’t just take our word for it.


Try a syringe of each product in this convenient trial kit With a trial kit you can get frst hand experience of the quality and ease of application of the Opal adhesive range.


1 x 1.7g Opal Seal syringe

1 x 0.9g Opal Bond MV syringe

1 x 1.5g Opal Etch syringe

1 x 2.3g Opal Bond Flow syringe

20 x Opal Seal tips

20 x Opal Blue tips

20 x Opal Bond fow tips


opal adhesive-01.jpg
Dentsply Aquacem-01.jpg

Dentsply Aquacem

For the permanent cementation of orthodontic appliances. Contains: 30g powder, accessories.



Etch Gel Jumbo Syringe Kit-01.jpg

Etch Gel Jumbo Syringe Kit

Contains: 1 x 60g jumbo syringe, 5 x applicator syringes, 50 x disposable application tips.



Porcelain Primer-01.jpg

Porcelain Primer

Recommended for use on all ceramic crowns/ veneers prior to bonding orthodontic brackets. Suitable for metal, plastic or ceramic brackets. Sold in 6ml bottle.



Nexus III-01.jpg

Nexus III

Chemical and light cure composite double syringe 5g, includes 10 mixing tips. For bonding and rebonds.



Etch Gel Syringe Kit-01.jpg

Etch Gel Syringe Kit

Contains: 1 x 12g Syringe, 25 disposable application tips.



Classic PE Coated Tray Liners-01.jpg

Classic PE Coated Tray Liners

Heavy weight paper bonded with a PE layer. 11” x 7” (275 x 175mm). Sold in 2 packs of 250 (500 in total).



Mini Mold

Choose from 7 diferent Mini-Mold Treatment Aids.

Mini Mold Starter Kit

Kit includes: 24 Mini-Mold tips (3 of each style), 2 tip handles, detailed step-by-step instructions


Mini Mold-01.jpg

Each Mini-Mold Treatment Aid includes:


• 10 Mini-Mold tips (same type)

• 1 tip handle and detailed step-by-step instructions (Bite-Ramp pk of 8).

Excellent for Bonded Retainer



Mini-Mold Tips Creates edgewise brackets, ideal for minor tooth adjustments.





Mini-Mold Tips Creates a bite opening ramp on the lingual of the upper anterior teeth

3mm DB09-0251

5mm DB09-0251L

Posterior Molar Pad-01.jpg

Wire Bonder

Mini-Mold Tips Ideal for making direct bond lingual retainers.


4.5mm DB09-0255

3mm DB09-0256

(for wire sizes up to .020”)



Mini-Mold Tips Creates a functional low profle button quickly and easily.



Tube Bonder-01.jpg

Tube Bonder

Mini-Mold Tips Designed to create a temporary tube



Habit Control-01.jpg

Habit Control

Mini-Mold Tips The small conical spike ends thumb sucking and tongue thrusting.



Posterior Molar Pad-01.jpg

Posterior Molar Pad

Mini-Mold Tips Designed to open the bite from the posterior teeth.


Original Microbrushes - Regular Tip-01.j

Original Microbrushes - Regular Tip

Microbrushes can be used for: Etchants, Bonding Agents, Cavity Liners, Fluoride Varnishes, Acetone plus many more day to day situations. 4 tubes of 100 applicators.




Barrier Glasses - Clear

Protective glasses providing a protective barrier against contaminated fuids and other residue, ensuring the safety of both staf and patients. Lightweight and comfortable design, with brow and side shields. Can be worn over eyeglasses.


Barrier Glasses - Clear

Protect your eyes and patients from harmful UV rays with these lightweight glasses.


Extra Oral Cheek Expanders-01.jpg

Extra Oral Cheek Expanders

Autoclavable Extra-oral Cheek Expanders are specifcally designed to resist fracture. The unique tab allows the cheeks to be pulled out further. Made from a heavy duty plastic, it is autoclavable without risk of cracking or breaking. Autoclavable up to 121°C or cold sterilisable. Sold in pairs.


Autoclavable Expander Regular


Autoclavable Expander Small


Super Soft Tongue Blocks-01.jpg

Super Soft Tongue Blocks

Made out of a soft pliable plastic, Super Soft Tongue Blocks are perfect with or without a saliva ejector. They also hold the patient’s mouth open without discomfort.

Sold in packs of 50.


Bonding Brushes-01.jpg

Bonding Brushes

Disposable bonding brushes. Sold in a box of 400.


Light Curing Shield-01.jpg

Light Curing Shield

Protect your eyes and patients from harmful UV rays with this curing shield.



For a full range of cheek expanders

Learn More

Nola Dry Field System-01.jpg

Nola Dry Field System

Obtain a totally dry feld for the entire arch without drugs, absorbing pads and cotton rolls. System includes: Cheek Retractor, Silicone Tubing, Connectors, Saliva Ejector.

Learn More

Dry Tips-01.jpg

Dry Tips

Sold in packs of 50.

Small size, green 4S04-0200

Large size, blue 4S04-0201

Handheld Mirror-01.jpg

Handheld Mirror

Shatter-resistant acrylic handheld mirror


Saliva Ejector-01.jpg

Saliva Ejector

Help maintain a dry feld. Saliva Ejectors are constructed of medical grade vinyl tubing. The metal insert allows the tubing to be bent into any confguration. There is a quick disconnect ftting which allows for easy placement and removal. Also available are adaptor tubes that provide a connector between a slow speed ejector system and the saliva ejector. Sold in packs of 3.


Saliva Ejector DB04-0401

Adaptor Tubes DB04-0402

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